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Youth Sensitive Skin Oil-To-Milk Cleanser

Youth Sensitive Skin Oil-To-Milk Cleanser

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Innovative 2-in-1 texture cleanser that turns from dewy oil-gel to silky milk when in contact with water. Suitable for sensitive skin customers, dermatologically tested. Also, great for even the heaviest make-up removal or as part of a double-cleansing routine. Product description: Rich and oily texture turns into silky milk and dissolves make-up and impurities. Leaves your skin fresh, soft and nourished without stripping moisture from it. Gentle to dry and delicate skin. Apply to dry or damp skin, massage gently to remove impurities, rinse off with water. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Combine with: For sensitive skin care, pair it with Sensitive Face & Body Cleanser and Nourishing Rich Cream.
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